Bronny Salter | Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2015 | One Year On

Last year saw an incredibly diverse and talented field of young artists apply to the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2015. Painters, sculptors, photographers, mixed media artists, and animators formed the short list for the awards, featured on at, with the winner selected by the short list of the Cumbrian Artist of the Year.

Bronny Salter was chosen as the winner of the award, sponsored by James Cropper, taking home £500 and some James Cropper goodies. The judges said ‘her technically accomplished animations made them smile’; you can see one of her animations here.

We caught up with Bronny a year after winning the award, having graduated last Summer;

‘Since winning the award I returned back to uni to finish my degree in Animation (which is now over!). I started making my degree film which is now finished and deals with subjects such as body insecurities and generally teaching us to be more comfortable with ourselves. Having now finished my degree I hope to go into puppet making for stop motion and focussing on materials and textures for puppet fabrication.

Having focused on materials for puppets during my last year at university, my practice has developed a lot and I am realising more and more how small scale puppet and model making is what I enjoy doing most and would like to pursue.

I have always been influenced by Filmmaker, Adam Elliot, whose work I particularly like as it is often inspired by people he knows, such as friends and family members, I find my personal work is very often influenced by my friends and family. Other artists I am influenced by are Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels, the textures and aesthetics of their films are incredible!

Ideally in the future I would like to work as puppet/model maker, and as I’ve been making my own short films and puppets since secondary school I will definitely be continuing my own personal projects.

I was very grateful to win the award last year! It definitely gave me more initiative to continue developing and improving my skills and work’.

The Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2016 is open for entries now. For more information visit

Bronny SalterBronny Salter2.jpgBronny Salter3.jpg.png


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