Cumbrian Artist of the Year Shortlist: Focus On Celia Burbush

The Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2016 exhibition features over 100 artworks by 47 artists working, living or from Cumbria.

Of these artists 6 were shortlisted for the award. We will be featuring each artist over the coming weeks until the exhibition close on 13th November.

This week, Keswick based artist Celia Burbush;

Can you tell us a about your practice and the work submitted to the Cumbrian Artist of the Year exhibition?

My personal practice ranges in style, but always reflects a deep reflection on the nature of human existence in a changing world. I work a lot to commission, including portraits, but I also undertake larger works for public, commercial and private locations. I also work within the community, delivering workshops in schools, museums and arts venues.

Dreaming of Home

The aim of the process, the end-products of which were exhibited at the Cumbrian Artist of the Year exhibition, was to work with clients to explore their innermost dreams and memories concerning the notion of home. In a sense, this body of work documents aspects of a person’s identity, normally unseen from the outside.

The participants, who came from all parts of the UK, were interviewed for 30 minutes by ‘phone. All they were asked at the start, was to have an image of a home in their minds (from the past, present or future). All I had to then do was produce a picture encapsulating everything they told me.

This project took place between February and August 2016, as part of AND (Abandon Normal Devices)’s Workshops in People’s Homes project curated by Joshua Sofaer, and funded by Arts Council England.

What sort of artist would you describe yourself as?

Painter, conceptual, socially-engaged

Professionally what is your goal?

To bring about change

What do you think of the exhibition as a whole?

Very refreshing, thought-provoking, intelligent. I’m proud to be a part of it.


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